Who helped...

Beáta Kakas

She is the academic proofreader of my book.

She helped transcribing the Hindi expressions into Hungarian language whilst she also read the text with her expert eyes.

She is both an indologiste and orientalist.  Her research area is the Tibetan Buddhism. She also writes to the audiences of interest and professionals. Recently she interprets and teaches in both Tibetan and Sanskrit languages. She is also keen on translating Tibetan texts, interested in everything that is related to the culture of the Tibetans and Indians, and the lifestyle of the Himalayan people.

She lived in India for a year where she returns from time to time. Beáta visited many places including cedar woods and wonderful mountain villages as well as above the border of flora and in between Tibetan monasteries. Once she even survived in the middle of the monsoon in Kathmandu, Nepal. The beauties of Himalayas and the people living there were what influenced her the most. Their helpfulness and cheerful lifestyle fascinated her. 

Darjeeling offered her the best cup of tea. 


Gábor Lehotka

He is the copy editor of my Hungarian book. 

He’s a qualified Hungarian language and history teacher and cultural manager and also a freelancer working for publishing houses and journals as a text corrector and reader editor. He has been copy editor of Századvég Publishing for a long time.
He’s a father of three children.
Gábor’s professional interests range from Hungarian history to all phases of book publishing.

His hobbies include the Papiruszportál (www.papiruszportal.hu) of which he is the founder and editor in chief. He likes books in a surprising way but he can never read as much as he wants. 

He can be left alone for a long time in the company of some volumes, fine red vines and rock albums.


Ida Pap

She made the post-production work of the photos displayed in my book.

As an amateur photographer, she has been applying her acquired knowledge in abroad for several years where she has been mainly concerned with the metropolitan photography. To do this, London offers her great opportunities.  Through her lens, the colourful pedestrians of individual styles get photographed. We can see parts of the ever-expanding series, as it already taken the form of a booklet.

Under the flag of Royal Photography Society she holds courses about the world, and topics of the hyped East-London streets.

She’s a fanatical fan of electronic music following the melodic deep minimal line from where she gains her inspiration of her photos.

Her favourite is Swayzak. 


Irfan Ahmed

He took my Hungarian book’s cover photo. 

By profession he is into Information Technology and leading a department, based in Karachi, Pakistan.

In his opinion ‘rebel’ and ‘dominant’ words define him better.

He finds peace in himself whenever he goes close to nature, where he cannot use modern communication tools which are designed to exchange information only but not allowing you to talk to each other.

He likes to do landscape & portrait photography, road & mountain travel, watching movies in his media room, listening instrumental soft music while walking, reading travelogue & literature and exploring himself.

He loves gazing stars at night, moon and would be wonderful if he had a cup of coffee with me.

His photography page https://www.facebook.com/BlackZeroPhotography 


András Wéber 

He is the translator of my first book published in English.

He lived for a longer period of time in English speaking countries and he is familiar with the everyday and literally style as well as he is in the possession of in-depth knowledge in several technical languages. He thinks translation begins afresh again and again with each person, and with each one the opportunity starts again as a translator expressing the personality whose work he translates.

Andris can commonly be found at Lake Balaton where we can meet him on one of the sailboats in good weather. Our friendship started back in several years. Thanks to his successes, Andris has opened a translation office, where together with native proofreaders they translate texts perfectly.  The URL of their website is the following: http://www.proofreed.eu 


Zsuzsanna Török

She is the reader editor of my English translated book.

She is a teacher at the University of Miskolc Institute of Cultural and Visual Anthropology. Above all, she considers herself as a cultural anthropologist.
In the beginning, she just started translating and interpreting as a hobby, but it soon turned into love, and now she spends half of her time with this kind of activities.
She already travelled half-way around the world with her husband, and she will discover its other half, when her little son becomes old enough to understand that every culture is beautiful in its uniqueness.

She believes in cultural relativism, tolerance, ‘multinational cultures’ and that day shall not pass without reading.


Emese Virág

She designed the cover pages.

With a degree in economics, photography and image editing started as a hobby in Emese's life.
In order to expand her knowledge she became qualified as an applied photographer in 2014.
Her passion is travelling. In particular adventures, and the moods of seasons and events she likes to display in her pictures. The way we met in 2013 she still calls a surreal memorable moment.

A selected collection from her images can be viewed at: www.viragemese.com


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