About my North-Indian travelogue...

Tam√°s Bocskai, 04/06/2015.

‚ÄėI must say that reading this diary has meant a refreshing experience for me. Over 60 years, I had the pleasure to read a few guidebooks. Should not be underestimated, but large number of them was like one size fits all, so that whilst presenting the main points of interest, adding a little history and carefully avoid violating the golden rule: only positive things to demonstrate. Of course I both have read and seen guidebooks and travel movies about India. Each one has fulfilled the mandatory requirement since the East India Company, i.e. presenting India as a mystic, special, spicy and romantic place.

The author of this book approached the continent-sized country from its different side by showing a cross-sectional picture, which does not want to impose a generalization to the reader, just telling what the author personally has seen and experienced, and what these experiences triggered. The book demonstrates what to expect if someone wishes to follow the same route, doing all this in a kind, and easy-to-read style that is entertaining and authentic at the same time.’

√Čva Varga, 28/12/2014.

'...I bought the book and I feel so happy for that! It is incredibly interesting and provides a fascinating insight to the world of India. Your ability to overcome things is amazing. I can not wait for your books to come, and see also your photos so there would be something more to read on. This is a beautiful book and I will recommend it to others as well. It would be so nice to have such books in stores, from those who are not only going for a week to pre-defined hotels and do not step out of their comfort zones. I feel that I am with you over there, and sometimes I receive so much experience so that I need to put down the book and digest what I have read, as it makes me wonder. Thank you very much for the experience. I hope you will visit many places and write a lot more as soon as possible so I could continue reading your works. Thank you.'


Lilla Majoros 30/09/2013.

'This book is India's image, scent and taste poured into words. I recommend those who wish for the India experience  without giving up the comfort of their homes, for those who still need a final push to the great adventure, and for those who wish to remember, and everyone who loves to read while travelling!'


István Buborék, 11/07/2013.

'This piece of work is a flying carpet that takes the unwary reader to India. But do not worry, because a round ticket awaits us. The book rather gave me an adventure novel experience, of which India is only its defining theme, and its action is the trip. While reading  I immersed into this action so much that I too travelled, bounced around, felt anxious, winded, waited, went shopping, had a tea, breathed into the experiences, colours, landscapes, smells, and odours...

The events are interwoven through very finely, with almost P. Howard-like humour. In addition to travel, the style is almost cried for some astute clew. It may be that in this case the book has lost its nature of the travelogue style to some degree, but it could be the bestseller in exchange for a reward!

One VieWriter motto that: "The important thing is not who I am, but what I am doing." This piece of work subverts this! Of course, not directly, but the book shows a mirror image, conveys India to the reader via the mirror of soul. In this case, it is a Venetian mirror!

There is no denying, that apart from the body, India also puts the soul into the test, but not only tests it, but also cleans, shakes up, and lifts up. I also got these while reading the book, of course, to a lesser extent than if I had been there, but much cheaper. I can say it out bravely that by reading this book I became more! Thank you for the experience!'


Tilda Varga, 22/02/2013.

'The book can not be put down once you start it reading. You too should read it! This is a sensationally good book!'


Tibor Horv√°th, 02/12/2013.

'I warmly congratulate for the book! I am really not into travelling, it is just not my thing... The book, however, was as exciting as a thriller (I'm serious), and not only replaced it but surpassed the imagery world of the best documentary films. Anyone, who thinks that I would exaggerate due to aleatory prepossession, is wrong! I hope many people will visit India with this sweeping, yet informative book. I feel I have been there.'


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