Nearby Faraway

Nearby Faraway - North-Indian Diary

So why would one travel to India?  There are some who seeks its exotic face, others nostalgically yearn for the '60s India, when the country was being infested by ass of hippies doing yoga, meditation and going to gurus was in fashion. There are some who iews the adventure inside, and even others are interested in the country of extremity and inconsequence, and a few are disgusted by the Western world, and possibly hoping for spiritual peace of mind. The truth is many of us are allured by this country for various reasons. I was allured. I knew that once I will start off the journey, but I had no idea when this time comes. I knew that I needed to see it, to offer an opinion, no matter what the result will be. After my journey I was in silence for long time. For three years, the essence of experiences and impressions nursed in my mind. With the right interval the experiences crystallized. From all of these my North-Indian diary was born. Now, it arrived already, so you can read it!

"Two very clean women in India. There are a lot of words about purity in the diary both within ordinary and spiritual terms. The author neither travelled across India as part of a group nor chose a backpacker form of tourism. She started out to explore the world's second most populated and colourful country according to her own decision as a woman from far away: to explore a man-dominant society. She discovered India without the awareness of the travel guide series which tick off everything but rather and most importantly she was armed with free pair of European eyes curious to other cultures. This gives the volume's interest and intimacy.  Amongst the touristic attractions of Delhi, Darjeeling and even the Himalayas where the author had to realise - besides the wonderful, strange and rather unpleasant experiences in she took part - she too was on an inner spiritual journey. The rules and principles of consumer society are being questioned and re-valued. "The way" gains a deeper meaning."

Gábor Lehotka, Reader editor

"The world's most populous democracy has a prominent role in today's geopolitical power shift. With this emerging Asian, regional and global economic centre of power and strategically important country Hungary has excellent relationship. The increased interest towards this subcontinent large country is understandable, hence India will soon play decisive role in solving the questions concerning humankind, while due to its economic development trying to raise the standard of living of its population of more than a billion (amongst many living in very poor conditions). This book provides very descriptive picture about the understanding of everyday life and the Indian miracle, based on personal experiences which I both recommend to the wide audience of interest in the topic and to others as well."

Dr. Géza Pálmai, Hungarian ex-Ambassador accredited to New Delhi

Edina Stanczik: Nearby Faraway
North-Indian diary
Budapest, 2015
357 p.
ISBN: 978-963-12-2584-6

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